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Platine Da Vinci was born into an affluent family in France. In her early years, she rebelled from the rules and discipline of the educational system while at the same time exhibiting her gift of creativity by painting at the age of seven. She also developed a passion for wild animals, and was especially fascinated by thoroughbred horses.

Her young adult life was a mixture of travel around the world, passionate love stories, and her continuing artistic development. Platine began her odyssey by spending two years in London at a time when crazy was fashionable and being wild was safe.

She then returned to her roots in Paris where she joined the equestrian circuit becoming deeply involved in Thoroughbred racing. Deauville was the weekend’s destination; the ultimate staging for trainers and wealthy proprietors showing off on the race tracks with their magnificent horses.

While on a weekend vacation in the Caribbean, the artist fell in love with an exotic billionaire. That brief interlude turned into eleven years of luxury in paradise and a son named Benjamin. Within a short period of time, Platine experienced an avalanche of personal disasters taking away the man she loved and the dreams they had. The artistic fire that seasoned in London became temporarily dormant by the tragedy.

Seeking solace in Paris, Platine and her son helped each other to breathe by day, one day at a time. And then she had a vision in the form of a dream…Platine describes it, “It was about a magnificent White Stallion. In a blink of an eye he vanished and like under a magic wand in Bartholdi’s masterpiece, the Statue of Liberty appeared standing tall on the ocean of his mane, her torch glowing bright in the sky leaving behind a trace of liquid eternity.”

Like the phoenix, this vision inspired Platine’s creative energy to rise from the ashes through painting. According to Platine, “I did not know that the journey I was about to embark was a journey home; a journey to the core of my soul where silence is not silent.”

Like that fashionably wild young artist in London, she continued on her odyssey to the United States where she lived in Miami, New York, and finally settled in Las Vegas. It is the mysterious desert that reconnects her with the ancient world of the pyramids where the majestic Sphinx was the guardian of the secret passages, where the mummies of the Pharaohs and Queens were immersed in perfumes for eternity.

Her passion and inspiration drawn from the opulence of the era of the Pharaohs led Platine to examine other cultures with similar histories such as the dynasties that ruled China for thousands of years.

Platine’s works have been displayed in the Tiger Museum of Tokyo, The Royal Museum of Army and Military History in Brussels, The French-Caribbean Art Center, The Culturel Center Remy Nainsouta, United Nations Headquarters in New York, the Palace of King Hassan II in Morocco and the Air France Company in Paris. She has also participated in the Biennale de la Femme (Women's Biannual Show) Grand Palais, Paris.

In her studies, the artist realized that perfume was an integral and sacred ingredient of the very cultures she had come to know and love. This inspired Platine to create a sensory homage to the wealth and power of the great Pharaohs and Emperors.

Platine has created 12 paintings that evoke the wealth, power, opulence, passion and strength of the dynasties. And now she has created a modern fragrance to honor the rich history of these cultures. It is called Scent of Wealth.

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